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Name's Sofia Katsali. Social media marketing geek. Love all things internet, entertainment & digital!

Sofia Katsali's Bio:

Ever since I remember myself, I've been fascinated with computers so I said to myself; Hey, get into Computer Science. And so I did. To this day I still love technology with a passion but many people said to me that I should pour that passion into social media marketing that I'm so good at. I also love designing things so when my friends were playing sports or video games, I was already on my way to finding secret hacks of Photoshop CS3. 

My dream job? To work in film marketing. My enthusiasm for the actors, directors & movie production in general is never-ending. If you know me, you've probably called me "entertainment geek" or "technology-expert friend" at least once. I'm that kind of person.

-Sofia Katsali

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Sofia Katsali's Interests & Activities:

digital marketing, social media, charity, entertainment, music, film, technology, online building, event planning, screenwriting

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